The Vanishing Law Degree

BU creates program to simultaneously earn doctoral degrees in law, medicine

Kaplan , contributor FORTUNE — Once upon a time — assuming you didn't want to be a dermatologist — you went to a fine law school, remained sentient in class, and got a job as an associate at a large law firm in a big city. You didn't know how to take a deposition or do a deal, but no matter: Plenty of corporations retained firms to do gobs of document searching and contract drafting; and that meant you, to the mellifluous tune of $160,000, plus perks, news got hired to do it. Then came the 2008 worldwide economic collapse. Jobs that seemed automatic were no longer. The hiring squeeze meant fewer prized spots for law students, whose ranks have grown over the past decade. <br>visit

5 Reasons Not to Get a Law Degree

(Brian Ray/The Gazette) After the Iowa Board of Regents earlier this month approved a rare drop in tuition for both resident and non-resident students starting next fall, Mason said, the UIs nationally recognized law program now is among the best bargains around. This really is a great opportunity for some of our young people, she said. Our law college is doing everything it can to maintain its quality and increase enrollment. Those efforts go beyond the approved 16.4 percent reduction in tuition which translates to a drop from $47,252 to $39,500 for nonresident Juris Doctor students. The UI law school also is rolling out programs that will, among other things, help students obtain degrees quicker and provide them with a broader range of course options. We constantly are looking at what we are offering and teaching and what we could do different or better, said Gail Agrawal, UI College of Law dean. <br>visit

Iowa law degree initiatives help drive interest

Law school costs are obscene. For the top 10 law schools, the price is more than $43,000 a year. Far less prestigious private law schools charge prices that aren't much less. According to the American Bar Association, the average private law school cost $34,300 a year in 2008 and for public schools the cost is more than $16,800 annually. 4. The expense of a law degree doesn't pencil out. Many students will have a hard time recouping their law school investment. <br>visit

For their first three years in the program, students will dedicate their studies to medical school curriculum; their fourth and fifth years will be spent focusing on law studies. Any remaining course requirements will be completed in their sixth year, officials said. For more information, click here . Matt Rocheleau can be reached at moc.ebolg|uaelehcor.wehttam#moc.ebolg|uaelehcor.wehttam . <br>visit

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