The Two-year Law Degree: A Great Idea That Will Never Come To Be

Trinity Western law degree stirs controversy in N.S.

Bruce Ackerman, a law professor at Yale, asserts that the third year is essential to teach students the social science and statistics needed to tackle 21st-century challenges. NYU law professor Sam Estreicher proposes that the third year should be optional. Others point out that that British legal education is essentially only one year without an apparent decrease in the quality of lawyers, though one veteran American lawyer claims law school should last for four years. Where does that leave us? Personal experience may have some value, but theyre hardly definitive, particularly when they point in different directions. This seems to be a case in which everyone has an opinion, but no one has any firm evidence. The truth may be that everyones right and everyones wrong; the correct length of law school might not exist. <br>visit

Boston University will offer a joint medical-law degree starting this fall

LGBT group says law degree shouldn't be valid because of same-sex covenant CBC News Posted: Jan 24, 2014 12:09 PM AT Last Updated: Jan 24, 2014 2:37 PM AT The British Columbia government has approved the creation of a faith-based law school at Trinity Western University in the Fraser Valley, despite concerns from gay and lesbian advocates. (CBC) Law students lobby against against recognizing Trinity Western 7:49 Related Stories TWU's Community Covenant Agreement (Note: CBC does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external links.) The Nova Scotia Barristers' Societysays it will hold a public consultation on whetherto recognize a law degree from Trinity Western University, the controversial Christian school in the Fraser Valley, B.C., with a policy against same-sex relationships. The council approved the consultation on Friday. The British Columbia government rubber stamped the creation of a faith-based law school at the university in December, despite concerns from gay and lesbian advocates. All students at Trinity Western University must sign the TWU Community Covenant Agreement , which contains a clause requiring abstinence from "sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman." The covenant has sparked controversy in the legal world. In Marchmore than 1,000 students from eight Canadian law schools signed letters protesting the efforts by TWU, claiming the university's policies discriminate against the LGBT community. In Nova Scotia, Dalhousie Universitys OutLaw Society is circulating a petition with their own complaint, asking the barristers society to not give the law school accreditation in the province. Leah Staples, president of the society, said its not acceptable for people who are supposed to be upholding the constitution to sign the covenant. <br>visit

5 Reasons Not to Get a Law Degree

If accepted, the student would start law school in what would have been his or her senior year. At the end of that first year of law school, our agreement is that the student would be awarded an undergraduate degree, and two years later after three years of law they also would have a law degree, UI College of Law Dean Agrawal said. Not only does the program benefit students wanting to save money and time in class, it could keep Iowa undergraduate students from leaving the state for a law degree. For example, Iowa State offers a pre-law program but no graduate law program. Now, through this partnership, undergraduates at ISU not just those at the UI or Drake could save tuition by staying in the state for their graduate degree. Beate Schmittmann, dean of ISUs College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, said ISU already has students expressing interest in the program, which works with each individual to determine which undergraduate courses can count toward the law degree. We do a map and match the Iowa State requirements with those of the law schools first year, Schmittmann said. Iowa State typically has about 250 students enrolled in its pre-law program, and many of them already apply to the UI or Drake for law school, Schmittmann said. So I think we will have good interest in the program, she said. <br>visit

The ABA is warning college students to reconsider law school. It's also a topic that Herwig J. Schlunk at the Vanderbilt Law School focused on in a paper entitled, Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be…Lawyers . Many law school grads are struggling with six-figure law school loans . <br>visit

Iowa law degree initiatives help drive interest

In New England, Yale University is the only one to offer a joint medical and law degree. BU will begin accepting applications to the program this spring. The joint degree speaks to changes in health policy, government regulation and mandates that have created a need for individuals trained in the nuances of each of these areas. Career paths for those holding both degrees may include working in health care administration, on health law issues including legislation, on intellectual property issues related to medical research and technologies, or in areas such as medical licensing, BU said. The program is conducted under the umbrella of both the medical and law schools, and admission to both is required for acceptance into the program. Over the programs six year span, students will be required to complete the coursework for each school. Participants will begin with the first three years of medical school, then move onto the required 58 credits of law courses in the next two years. In the final year, they will combine medicine and law electives that fit with their chosen areas of concentration. <br>visit

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