Digging Up Digital Dirt In Family Law | Texas Lawyer

For how many things have you done a Google search since breakfast? Unless you have embraced the low-tech, hipster renaissance (a la the " Dream of the 1890s " skit on TV show "Portlandia"), chances are there is a stark difference between your answers to the two sets of questions. Family law litigants are no different. For that reason, conducting some level of electronic discovery in family law suits is imperative. To conduct e-discovery successfully, Texas family law attorneys must have a working knowledge of what electronic data is, how people and devices create it, where such data is stored, and how to search for and produce it. Because Texas has not developed rules specifically for electronic discovery, it is even more important for attorneys to know these basics. Electronically stored information is not entirely alien to family law attorneys. <br>visit http://ow.ly/2FNvL8

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